Example Of Public Shaming

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Public Shaming is one of the harshest and cruelest way of punishment. But, it is also a great way to show an individual a lesson of being embarrassed so much by the public for what the individual has committed or has done as a crime. So, that particular in the hope that shaming the individual so much will convince the person not to do the crime anymore. There are many different ways to punish an individual. But, many individuals may feel that this is the best way to punish and teach the person a lesson. On the other hand, others may not believe in this type of reaction towards publicly humiliating someone. Public shaming is where a criminal is humiliated in public instead of receiving an imprisonment for the criminal act the individual …show more content…
These are an example of public shaming and how it can affect a person through bullying by publicly humiliating through social media like Facebook, news media, etc.
In another news article, " Jose Lagares, Dad, Publicly Bullies Son to Shame Him for ...
Bullying" written by Meredith Bennett-Smith, she talks about how a young fourth grader who is accused of bullying his schoolmates. The father of the fourth grader made his son hold a homemade large poster sign on a street corner as a way to humiliate his son to think twice not to do it again. The father of the son, Lagares, made his son hold a homemade sign saying," I 'm a bully! Honk if you hate bullies”, Lagares is following in the footsteps of a long line of parents who have publicly shamed their children for transgressions ranging from sneaking out of the house to twerking" (Bennett-Smith, 2013). Public humiliation is a form of punishment because in any certain circumstances that any child that does twerking or leaves the house without parents consent. This type of punishment of public shaming children is the best way to show a child
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Many people think that the father should have made the public humiliation of the young boy less harsh. This example shows that public shaming/ humiliation can have good ways and bad ways of dealing with public shaming.

Public shaming has been continued to be practiced and recognize by today 's world.
Although, methods have changed, the goal remains the same. Many different practices have gone from being very brutal physically and mentally to practices less physical and more mental. One example of public shaming used today is where a criminal is ordered to present them self in public for a set amount of time and to wear a sign that shows the crime that they are guilty of the offense they have done. In another form of public shaming utilized today involves pedophiles.
Pedophiles can be ordered to approach each and every house in the neighborhood that they wish to reside in, and inform the community that they are a pedophile and will be living in the area.
One last idea that I mention here on the many techniques that public shaming that is still practiced today is the

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