Sex Offenders Literature Review

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Upon review of the article entitled "Residential Relegation of Registered Sex Offenders” in the American Journal of Criminal Justice, by Elizabeth Ehrhardt Mustaine and Richard Tewksbury (2011) volume 36, shows registered sex offenders are more likely to live in undesirable and socially disorganized communities (p.44)
In today’s society sex offenders are publicly criticized, receive longer prison sentences, constantly monitor by police officers, subject to public notification and must complete lengthy public registration procedures. Sex offenders are restricted to many areas of interest like finding and maintaining employment, suitable housing, social events, relationship difficulties, public recognition,
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The information provided is in a national database and it doesn’t only affect the sex offender, but it also affects the immediate family members. The public believes that the sex offender registration and notification (SORN) law is important to have and know because it provides insight on where a sex offender lives. This would enable the individual to protect his families from any sexual predators that are in the area. But, what this SORN information does is also hinder the families that are living with a sex offender. We know that once the information is published and distributed its hard for a sex offender to keep a job and find a place to stay that’s within the state perimeter. Sex offenders also report having psychological issues like depression, hopelessness, and fears for his safety. The families living with a sex offender suffers just as much as a sex offender. Family members have reported feeling of hopelessness, depression, and frustration as they make adjustments living with a sex offender. “In many cases, a family member’s decision to maintain contact with the offender led to hostility and disengagement form other relatives, leaving the family member feeling alone and isolated.” (p. …show more content…
I did call my older brother who is a Massachusetts State Police officer and asked to obtain information in order to help me with my report. The response I received from the department was that information could take them weeks, months, or even years to obtain. For instance, its not public knowledge if a sex offender is married or not. I did find some information on married sex offender, but it was through a survey taken online. Can we trust that the information given was true or not. Unfortunately, I do not agree with a majority of my hypotheses because the Internet is not a reliable source. There were too many different research papers with lots of reference from different sources that could not be vetted. I’ve tried counting the entire sex offender in my area and got different number every time because not all the websites were up to date, and a majority said I didn’t have any. Other website would say I have 20 in my area and another would say just five. At this point whom do you

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