The Like Video Analysis

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The “Like” Video is a video about teenagers and young children on social media. The first part of the video shows the parents concerns about what their children are doing online and then Douglas Rushkoff points out an interesting view,“Are we all asking the wrong questions when we focus on the technology itself, rather than what’s behind it?” The video interviews several different children and teens. Some of them talk about how they get money from youtube as a skater and another talks about her Tumblr blog. All of them have one thing in common, how many likes they can get from each video, selfie, post, etc they can get. And through all of this, companies are coming up with ways to cash in on all of these likes the kids and teens get. The …show more content…
As a twenty-two year old, I have often felt strange amongst my peers. Most of them are constantly talking about their Instagram followers or snapchat followers. Then they are obsessed with selfies and which selfie is going to give them even more followers. Seeing this from my own generation concerns me greatly. We are losing ourselves to the internet. We are losing who we are and who we could become to just gain more followers and gather more likes. As a teacher, the higher the level I teach, the more I’m going to be fighting technology in the classroom. I really want to reach out to my students and get them to understand that having a hundreds of likes a picture should not be the only way you can be confident in yourself. I would also stress to my kids the importance of knowing what you are posing and who is able to see what you post. There is also another concerning issue with social media. The more open my students are on social media, the more they are open to predators and bullies. Even my generation doesn’t understand that risk, or they ignore that risk. As a future teacher, that is very worrisome. If even the parents don’t understand or express the risk to their children, then my job as a teacher gets harder. I think there should be classes or seminars in schools that shows the dangers of social media to students. There needs to be more done in order for kids to stop reaching out to potentially dangerous strangers just for a confidence

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