How I Learned About Psychology Essay

1218 Words Jan 25th, 2016 null Page
This first semester has been very transitional for me and while I learned a lot in all of my classes, I think psychology of relating was the most impactful class I had. I have gone through many changes this year, with a pretty traumatic accident, my brother moving out, the college search, and overall just senior year, I have found myself searching within myself and with those surrounding me for support. I have always been very interested in psychology but never had an opportunity to really learn about it except for reading little articles that popped up on my twitter feed or facebook timeline. In this course, I learned about some key differences between the way men and women form relationships and how that can affect the way conversations go. Before this class, I would always get offended and feel like my guy friends were annoyed with me or didn’t actually like me when they weren’t interested in my little stories. Since we learned about rapport versus report talk, I have been able to get along with a lot of my guy friends better because I understand them a little bit more than I did before the course. I also learned a lot about different ways that each humans needs and the ability for them to be met affects people’s lives and I saw how it affected my own life. I am normally a pretty understanding person but a lot of the times when people were in a different place in life than me, I would have a hard time understanding why but the hierarchy of needs and other similar ideas…

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