Big Ideas Personal Impact On Knowledge / Beliefs / Practice Essay

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Course Name Major Themes/Big Ideas Personal Impact on Knowledge/Beliefs/Practice
Diversity and Global Education Cultural insensitivity, diverse families, poverty in USA, diversity in schools, the impact of violence in students, diverse religions, multicultural learners, and text analysis. The class was not part of the TESOL program. I took it as an elective, since I had the ESOL endorsement. One thing that impacted me was learning how poverty affects students in a myriad of ways, even before being born. Diverse learners’ teachers having low expectations when dealing with such students. Because of low expectations, between other things, students will continue with their self-efficacy, which will lead to learned helplessness (when they attribute their educational failures to forces beyond their control).
Theory and Pedagogy in the Study of Reading Activation of prior knowledge, adapting instruction, learned helplessness, phonemic awareness, word-recognizing stages, guided reading, and personal theory of reading. The topics of activation of prior knowledge and guided reading were used in my classroom immediately after working with them on the course. It made an enormous difference the purposely activation of prior knowledge.
By writing the personal theory of reading, I was made aware of how the teaching and assessing of reading was being done in my classroom.
Reading Assessment Reading process, differentiation, formal and informal assessments, diverse reading programs,…

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