How I Developed My Interests Essay

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As a child, I would always wonder that why out of a large number of people who get sick, some get cured permanently while others remain diseased until ultimately engulfed by it. Whenever I was given those bitter polio drops my little brain would ask a multitude of questions, the answer to which remained undisclosed for a decade. I would always see that person on the way to market with hundreds of “PHORAS” on his body. Some will say he is cursed and some say it’s because of his misdeeds until I came to know of “Neurofibromas” retrospectively. I had seen a giant living in my neighborhood becoming a creature who was almost left skin to the bones by the so called IBD, the treatment for which is still not ultimate. But the worst was watching my aunt falling prey to breast cancer in her forties. I saw her writhing in agony, wishing death instead of treatment. I always wanted an answer to their sufferings, a cure. And This is how I developed my interests in Medicine while growing up. I had to think about, search for the answers never given to me whether it be my little brain or be it the Med school because no one knew the answers and this quest of mine, then turned my plane to the land of opportunity where research leads the man to the treasures of knowledge which then enlightens the whole world. Where I can lower down my quench by trying and playing my part to explore the answers never uttered and the reasons never explained.

“Determination or opportunity?” when I look back…

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