How I Changed My Life Essay

979 Words Jun 10th, 2016 4 Pages
I badly wanted to change myself. I had a lot of bad behaviours that have a huge impact in my daily life. I wanted to improve. I’ve been trying to do it for years. Before the start of 2016, I told myself that I will change. Now almost half of the year have been wasted and I am still stuck with my old ways.

I wanted to be a better husband to my wife. A better father to my daughter. Find new ways to increase my income – look for sideline businesses that may eventually replace my dead end job. Create a blog that focuses on personal development for clueless husbands.

None of these happened.

When I wanted to improve my relationship with my wife, I would start the week with a date. But on the following days, I tend to forget being thoughtful to her. I was being consumed by my job that when I get home, all I ever thought was to lie on the sofa watching TV and relax. Until days turn into weeks, weeks into months. Oh! I almost forgot I had a wife. LOL

I’ve always wanted to be a blogger. I read those successful blog stories wherein the blogger gets to share his content to the world and becomes a milionaire in the process. I get excited about it. But when I attempted to blog, I realized it was not that easy. It takes a lot of effort to write a blog post. Staring at the blank screen was like facing a brick wall, clueless on what to do next.

Now I am asking myself why am I struggling to accomplish these things? It looks pretty easy on paper but I find it very daunting when I try to…

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