How I Changed My Life Essay

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Even as much as I like to talk I find that often words sometimes become distant, lost and cannot describe the feelings and emotions I wish to express. Throughout my life music has been a constant in my life; it brought change and with that change came comfort. With every up and down music was always there, a silent friend waiting in the wings.

Things were always this this way until one night when I was thirteen jamming to 70s rock, staring at the ceiling and dreaming of no longer being the spectator but the creator. Dreaming of being in front of crowds and seeing nothing but smiles and watching people groove to the rhythm. I began writing down my thoughts, studying bands and I even changed my style. Long hair, skinny jeans, the works. I joined a band with the best guitarist I knew. Despite me being tone deaf then we managed to make a song and play it for everyone we knew.

This was a triumphant victory, to me. To my guitarist, this was a bore. Growing weary of the duo he departed with two of our mutual friends to form a new band. Me? I was devastated. Over time our friendship vaporized and we rivals. For two years I focused on my songs and on my art. The halls of our high school would chat up his band. The shows they played for, who they 'd open for, I was seen as a leper – a cast out in their eyes. By sixteen I had entered my first house recording studio and made two demos. One was so off beat it made its own song, literally two songs in one. The other my voice cracked…

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