Essay about How I Changed My Life

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I was engaged once in my life. My girlfriend desire to get married was so extent that she bought the engagement ring. I was very immature handling relationships, and that usually left me with a heap of misfortunes. I did not care for her, and I took the relationship as a sport. I was unfaithful to her many times over. When I finally had enough courage to leave her for another girl, I did. At first she did not know the full extend to why I had left her. She continually made attempts to win me back. It was not long enough that she saw me with my new girlfriend, and she suspected that I had been unfaithful to her. Her fury had raised to a level that I had never seen before. At first she became physical with me. Later she sliced the tires on my car numerous time. She tried to take my car at one point. Later, she put sugar into the gas tank of my car. And lastly, she sued me for 5,000 dollars. What is jealousy? According to Peter Salovey, PhD (1991) he states, “Jealousy is an emotion experienced when a person is threatened by the loss of an important relationship with another person (the “partner”) to a “rival” (usually another person, but not necessarily so).” I hated my ex for what she had done to my car until Jesus came into my life. Then I had realized that it was my fault to why my ex had behaved so enraged. I had treated my ex with contempt. One of God’s characteristic is that He his very jealous. God is every jealous God. (Exodus 20:5). Throughout the entire Bible, God’s…

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