Gilgamesh And The Hebrew Bible

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Since the beginning of time, there has always been a belief in something of a higher power. These mighty giants have been pillars of strength and wisdom for their people although in unusual ways. While they are similar in some aspects, they have many differences that set them apart. In the stories of Gilgamesh and the Hebrew Bible, the divine gods and God are egotistical and altruistic respectively.
The organization and involvement of this power has been a topic of discussions for centuries. The being or beings of power work in seemingly mysterious patterns that benefit some humans while condemning others. The earliest story of Gilgamesh is written in the Sumerian language of Ancient Mesopotamia. The people of the time are polytheistic, the
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God follows a set moral code, known as the Ten Commandments, which he holds all his people to. In His interactions with his servants. God tends to favor those who are often seen as the lesser or unpopular individual. Although His favor has been shown to be deeply mysterious. While God does release a flood upon humanity, God explains the humans’ hearts have become perpetually evil and He states, “I will wipe out the human race I created from the face of the earth… for I regret that I have made them” (Genesis 163). While God may regret some decisions, He always makes a covenant to prevent such an event from happening. As seen with Noah and his family along with every creature that stirs the earth leaves the arc, God says “I will not again damn the soil of humankind’s score. For the devising of the human heart are evil from youth” (Genesis 165).The gods of Gilgamesh have selective love for some individuals like Ninsun and her love for Gilgamesh, her son. Whereas God’s love reaches far and wide in the mercy he shows those who seem unbecoming of his love such as Jacob, with his roguish ways. The divine of Gilgamesh and the God of the Hebrew Bible are worlds apart in their mercy, interactions, and tolerance of those they preside over. While the devotion of their people may be equal in sacrifices and prayers, the morals and favor they rain upon their followers come from vastly different mindsets. The divine of Gilgamesh are only separated from humans by their power whereas God is different in mind, body, and soul from his people. These different natures are evident in the countless stories of these divine

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