How I Am An Effective Writer, Student, And A Better Person As Well

799 Words May 4th, 2015 4 Pages
During the course of both English composition courses, which included English 0110 and English 1011, I have accomplished a lot of goals that I thought were unattainable. I believe that this course has made me a better writer, student, and a better person as well. Through my experiences in both English courses I have acknowledged my strength and my weaknesses, but through it all I have learned how to be an effective writer. I believe that I have a couple of strength in my English courses. Strength I knew I always had was vocabulary and spelling. My high school English teacher always told me that vocabulary is essential, and in my genre definition essay you mentioned how well I used certain vocabulary words. One of my biggest strength is my organization skills. From the first paper assigned to us, diagnostic essay, you mentioned to me that I do a great job of organizing. For me to have a well written paper, organization is key. I have become better at presenting details about the main points. Initially in English 0110 course a lot of my work lacked details, and it was hard for me to convey the purpose of my paper. The last few essays that I have turned in have shown my true strength and huge improvements from the first Essay in 1011. I am hoping to maintain my strengths in my next English courses. Of course with strength comes weaknesses. My biggest weakness is probably punctuation, I can learn it over and over again, and I still manage to use it incorrectly. My biggest…

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