How Has The Industry Of Computing Transformed? Essay

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Conducting Interviews

Interviewee 1

Would you tell me what your specialty is, the type of organization and department that you work for?

I have majored in computer science and I work as system analyst for Retail Company. I am in the department of IT under system security.

What is your job specifically?

My job is to ensure the systems are well set up monitoring to ensure no one is interfering with how they work. I also work to identify any sort of vulnerabilities while always looking out for ways to ensure the systems are working as expected

For how many years have you been working?

I have been in the industry for the past six years

How has the industry of computing transformed?

Well the computing field has transformed from being a simple concept to being applied in every aspect of the organization today. Today, everyone relies on the internet and there are a lot of networks and even decisions are relying on decision platforms applied such as ERP or DSS.

What do you think the future will be and what courses would you advice someone to major in computing?

I think the future of the industry will be data analysis and intelligence since organizations despite relying on computers they still need the human intelligence to extrapolate aspects such as human emotions or other trends in areas such as marketing. As such, any computing course that relies on human abilities will be a good fit

Are there challenges

The transition…

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