How Government Is A Democracy? Essay

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Variety of government is one of many characteristics that allow countries to have individuality. Government is a concept that consists of opinion, leadership, representing the people, and facing hardships. It is extremely beneficial to be aware of how other governments run a country. Without having knowledge of another way with which to compare, how is one supposed to know in what areas his or her government is succeeding or failing? Additionally, without understanding yesterday, it is impossible to understand today; therefore knowledge of history is imperative to make sense of how a government functions today.
For starters, the United States is a democracy, while New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy. The United States practices federalism where the power is divided amongst the central and state governments. New Zealand, on the other hand, is a unitary system, where all of the power rests with the Parliament in Wellington. In the United States, the relationship between the legislative and executive branch is presidential. New Zealand is parliamentary, where they have a queen. It seems as though our system of government is more effective, seeing that the power is more divided, instead of resting in one family. Even though the president holds a majority of power, all other positions in our government also have a say in decisions.
Furthermore, what was done 100’s of years ago is a major contribution as to why our government behaves, and…

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