Purposes Of American Government Essay

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Paper 1 This paper will answer the question of What are the ends or purposes of American government? How are they different from other regimes, such as ancient Sparta or Puritan colonies? How do the ends of regimes alter the role of government in society? America is different from other nations at the time because the government was designed to highlight the values that the founding Americans believed in these values can be found in the constitution. “Back in 1787, the constitution’s creators set out the bask functions of the U.S. Government, as they imagined them then: “establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty.” (James A. Morone, and Rogan Kersh. Page 7). These key …show more content…
Because of the Declaration of Independence. “Liberty, Self-rule (Which is often called democracy, Limited government, Individualism, the American Dream, Equality, and faith in God. These ideas touch almost everything we do as a nation. They are the foundation of U.S. National government and lie at the core of What makes America unique.” (James A. Morone and Rogan Kersh page 10). These ideals are what make America different from other past major governments. For example, the Ancient government of Sparta made being a part of the army a requirement for being a voting male citizen. Sparta’s aim was to shape all young men into the world’s best warriors. That knew nothing by battle plans, fighting and how to ignore pain. Because if you wanted to be a member of Senate you had to be male, and a part of the military. Being a member of Spartan society demanded that you met the demands of the government without complaint. While in America the government allows you to create the type of life that you desire. This forward thinking was shown even as the new settlers to America sailed to the new

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