Essay on How Gender Roles Can Affect Children 's Future Career Goals

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Introduction The topic of interest for this research paper consists of researching role-play within make believe play in young children and if it can predict future career goals depending on the child’s gender. Though this topic can be complex to study, it is incredibly relevant due to the fact play in general; play has a huge impact on children and their development along with enhancement in general in context of multiple skills. Past literature has stated that make-believe play can enhance social skills, emotion regulation, care and affection, increase in attention span, creativity etc. Though there is an adequate amount of information about this topic, the study of how gender role-play during make-believe play can cause possible career goals to appear within children later in life is unclear and mainly irrelevant thus far. The specific research question that will be studied within this paper will focus primarily on gender roles that are practiced within make-believe play and if it can affect children’s future career goals because of the type of play the child partakes in.
Literature Review Previous literature has suggested that make-believe play can enhance social skills, emotional regulation, care and affection, attention span, creativity, etc. Weisgrama (2014) suggested that gendered toys along with gendered jobs were already noticed by young children, for example, if a toy is a more masculine color, girls already shyed away from it and when certain jobs are shown…

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