How Gender Bias Within Schools And The Education System Affects Students

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Introduction This paper is about how gender bias in schools and the education system affects students. The purpose is to make people more aware of the gender bias that is around them that they do not realize is there. This topic is important to understanding and predicting human behaviour because it can open people’s eyes to what is influencing them and the people around them and can allow people to make further connections between their education choices and gender bias. The subtopics discussed in this paper will be the following: the method used to conduct the research, the results of the primary research that was conducted, and the connections between the primary research and secondary research. The hypothesis that the research was based off of was that students make gender-biased decisions regarding their education subconsciously.

Method The primary research was conducted in the form of face-to-face interviews. The interviews were conducted at school, most during lunch, and some results were recorded by hand and, when accessible, other results were recorded on a computer. The target population was a variety of students ranging from grade 9 to grade 12, both male and female, who had a general idea of what education path they planned on following. The students interviewed were not friends with the interviewer, to reduce bias. The aim of the interviewer was to interview two boys and two girls from each grade, and that was accomplished, with one extra grade nine girl…

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