How Events That Affect The Person Who You Are Now Essay

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you are not sure if you are grateful or not, about an event that occurred in your life? All you think about how that specific event shaped you into the person who you are now. At the same time you are thinking it was such an impact in your life that you wish it n ever happened. You aren 't fully sure or convinced if you are grateful or not, but it still occurred and there’s nothing you can do about it. You know that you went through an awful situation and events, but those events shape you into the person who you are now and you should be grateful that they occurred. That’s what happened to me when I was fifteen years old. My parents decided to separate for some time and eventually decided to divorce, which struck me in a negative way. I had to deal with it in many situations and try to remain calm at all moments. When this occurred I won’t lie, I thought why is this occurring to me it was an awful experience that I didn’t want to face. No one enjoys being in a house surrounded by conflicts and misunderstandings and I was living in one. My parents were constantly arguing, but try to hide from my siblings and I. I am the oldest of four children, so I had to deal with more. Although my parents tried to hide from us while they argue, sometimes it was inevitable for us to hear them. That was when both of my parents decide to talk to me to tell me that they were separating for some time. It struck me like a bucket of cold water…

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