My Family Of Origin Analysis

The most fascinating thing about the human race is that each of us are capable of complex thought. The one thing that all of us have in common is the relevancy our family, biological relation, or not, has in shaping who we are as individual people. My family of origin has played a role in molding who I am today, and who I am working towards to becoming.
I was born on the Fourth of July at Edwards Air Force Base, located in California. I define family as being my immediate family, plus a couple of others who have been just as big of a part of my life; When I was growing up my family consisted of my mom, dad, younger brother, and I. Now that I am 26, my family members are my mom, dad, brother. In addition to my family of origin, I consider the
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I also play the role of being the girlfriend of my boyfriend. Other than being just a daughter or sister, since my parents are divorced, I can play the role of mediator in between specific family members. I can play a completely opposite role when it comes to my family of origin; I play the role of the controversial child. I have made some decisions that have negatively impacted myself and my family. My actions have consequently stressed my relationships with my family, leaving us not as close as we used to be. As important as my current family is to me, I also find importance in my family of the future or, my family of choice.
Currently, I live with my boyfriend, Joe, and his father, Dennis. As a couple, we have plans to cohabitate in the future when economically it will work out. We expect to marry once we finish our education. I see my family of choice consisting of Joe, our future children, and our pets. My reasoning for what I want my family of choice to be is due to feeling like I had missed out on having that big family experience. I want to have family traditions on holidays, which is something I have never had. When it comes to being a part of a family, everyone faces challenges in some form or
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The first is to always be respectful of others, no one is perfect. The second, education, and a successful job are important, and the third is always being honest with those you care about. In comparison with my family, I also hold 3 values close to my heart. The first is consistently working towards bettering myself, whether it be intellectually, socially, or emotionally. The second value is the importance of a close bond between family members. The third is to treat others kindly, as everyone is fighting a battle you cannot see. Our values are similar, they involved striving to better yourself. My values are more focused on bettering yourself internally versus being focused on money. The values that I currently hold are the same values I want to instill on my children. I have learned recently that working on bettering yourself should come before other things in life, especially money if you can get the chance to not worry about it temporarily. The biggest lesson I have learned this past year is that sticking with a job that makes you psychologically struggle is not worth the monetary value it brings. I also believe that teaching my future family the importance of having a close relationship with your family is essential for building relationships outside of your family of origin. Finally, teaching my family of choice that everyone is fighting a battle that you cannot see will teach them respect and

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