Essay on How Drinking Water Helps Maintain The Balance Of Body Fluids

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Have you ever thought about how important water is to our bodies? Water is the reason we walk, run, swim or any movement of exercise. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. We have about 60% of water in our bodies. You need to drink a lot in order for that to be sustained. A human being cannot go any longer then 3 days without obtaining water. Now that you know how important it is, imagine someone tampering with your water supply. In a city called Flint, Michigan, that is exactly what has happened. Lead as seeped its way into the water supply of this very big city. More information of this tragic incident can be found in five articles by CNN. They are called “How to test for lead in your home water supply.”, “Lead poisoning. Living with it and uncertainty of how long.”, “Water Crisis: Families bear scars from man-made disaster.”, “5 months later in Flint, high lead levels remain.”, and “How to help with Flint water crisis.”
“How to test for lead in your home water supply.” Is an article that takes about exactly what the title shows you. There are several different ways to check for lead in your water supply. The first thing you could do is call your municipal water supplier and ask them for a copy of their consumer confidence report. This report lists levels of contaminants that were found during the tests that are required by federal law to be run on a regular basis. This report will tell you if lead was found in your water supply. If this works,…

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