How Does Your Organization Still Affect Talent Management

How does your organization currently handle talent management? Do you think they do a good job? Why or why not?
“Talent management is a way that HR can improve the performance of the organization by way of change management, and influencing strategy and other valued activities that can impact effectiveness” (Society of Human Resource Management, 2011, p. 45). It has been notice by many businesses that the concept of talent management is being emphasized more and more in light of developing the organizational culture. Sense human capital is a valuable asset to the business, then there should be effective talent management because managing human capital can be vital in the success of an organization. A large percent of HR’s top level management
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There are a lot of organizations in the market place that offer to their customers the same type of services that we offer to our customers. Therefore, our organization need a competitive advantage. The advantage is in the human capital they bring into the business. The first thing I notice about this organization is their mission statement that say, we create environments that enrich lives and facilitate success. This was an attraction to me. Who doesn’t want their life enriched and to be successful? The next thing about the company observed by me was their core values which are service above self, personal Accountability, integrity, respect, engagement. The service above self, resonated deeply with me because I saw it from a Biblical perspective. The core value was an indicator to me that putting my service to other first which is what a Servant leader does. Maybe I am wrong, but that’s the way playing out in my …show more content…
They look for people with the right attitude rather than the Harvard degree. The company have a high level of employee engagement and I believe that they are committed to human capital. In terms if talent management, the organization hold recruiting planning meetings. This group consist of recruiters form HR, and the hiring manager. This group is instructed to follow a specific agenda when recruiting which mean more than a resume and interview are considered. Once an employee is hired then the training opportunities starts. This is a key in the motivation and retention of the new hirer. The training is developed through the employee’s job. A new employee had the opportunity to learn as they train. What is provided are a higher motivation and commitment to the organization, career development, and increased knowledge about contribution to company’s goals not to exclude job satisfaction.
Succession planning is another strategy used by our organization. They also identify and develop people from within the organization. For example, I was promoted for supervisor to assistant director in just three months. They saw potential in me to fill this key business leadership position in the company. I believe without the succession planning, the fact that I was available and capable of assuming the role of assistant director never have never happen. Succession planning is a key strategy to reduce turnover (Society for Human Resource

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