Essay about How Does One Gain Knowledge?

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People always say that knowledge is power and through knowledge many things can be successfully accomplished in life. How does one gain knowledge? The universal way of gaining knowledge is usually by attending school and learning what the teacher shows the student. Even in the real world, an employee gains understanding by watching or listening on how to complete the job. This is ultimately the knower’s perspective at work. Without their perspective, it would be extremely difficult to gain knowledge. Perception includes the five senses such as the sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. Without these senses or ways to perceive life it would be almost impossible to pursue knowledge, but with perception one may obtain false knowledge. The perception of the knower is essential to understand and explore knowledge, however it may not depict what the factual or true information is (reality) thus limiting knowledge. We can prove how the knower’s perspective is essential to pursue knowledge by analyzing the influence on history, indigenous knowledge systems, and the ways of knowing.
The area of knowledge of history is understanding events that happened in the past which can be used to benefit us for the future. We can enhance our knowledge through history by studying events that happened in the past to give us a good understanding of what occurred. However, one 's perception in history may not be entirely factual on what exactly occurred in the past, although it does…

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