Curiosity In The Curious Incident Of The Dog

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Sometimes when you ask a question you truly do not want to know the answer. Though we as humans ask anyway due to our human nature which defines us as people, we may not always make the best decisions but our instincts tell us to find out more. Curiosity in the book titled: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Christopher Boone is a curious young boy, who wonders innocently about what kind of a person could possibly feel it necessary to harm a dog. He then dedicates his time to figure out who had taken its life and why. Through his journey, there are lies, curious incidents, and strange happenings that intrigue and delight the reader. In addition, Christopher's Curiosity in this novel relates to many other scenarios involving human …show more content…
Even if everyone around you calls you nosey and says that you should mind our own business like in the novel I've been speaking of so frequently by Mark Haddon: “Perhaps you should be talking to your father about this.” And I explained that I couldn't ask my father because the investigation was a secret because he had told me to stay out of other people’s business. She said, “Well, maybe he has a point, Christopher”” In this quote we can see that no one really supports Christophers curiosity about who had taken the dog's life, though, that's not really what he's trying to find through this book Christopher is not attempting to find the culprit of whoever killed the dog, it's not about giving the owner of the dog any closure, he's trying to satisfy his curiosity. After finding this out then we can see that even a young person born with mental issues has that human nature still intact, he still wants to know, but it becomes more than that throughout Christophers adventure because he begins to become obsessive about it, his curiosity going from being a want to something he needs to know, the curiosity began eating away at him and in turn he became desperate to satisfy his need to know. In a Ted Talk by Judson Brewer he talks about breaking a bad habit, and also speaks about curiosity. If not for curiosity, humans would never have wondered ‘what is in that black abyss above us filled with shining lights? Why is it there? What is our purpose as people? Why do things drop when you let go of them? Why can some people see clearly and some have trouble?’ Due to our natural curiosity, we have discovered so much, not just as individuals but as humans as a whole. We as humans have felt the need to spread that knowledge, so there are institutions that

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