Summary: Cognitive Effects To Alcohol Consumption

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Cognitive effects to alcohol consumption
The cognitive effects will affect the way that a person how to think, learn and remember the daily things. The brain has different parts and has different mental abilities, so damaging one part of the brain will affect some skills such as memory, understanding, solving problems and speed of thought.
Alcohol consumption: Keller and Vaillant (2014) discussed that alcohol’s consumption means drinking alcohol and the beverages which containing alcohol. Alcohol consumption is connected with alcoholic beverages. An alcoholic beverage is a drink and psychoactive drug containing ethyl alcohol, which is commonly referred to as ethanol.

Perception: is perceived the act or faculty, or comprehending the senses, mind and cognition. In other words, when an individual gets a stimulus in a moment, perception will happen automatically without individuals’ awareness. The perception can be divided into seven parts; they are modal perception (e.g. someone sees
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In this test, the individual who drinking alcohol should solve more RAT items than those sober control condition, or they may solve more quickly.

Decision making: Rogers et al. (2003) developed a task to study the acute effect of alcohol on decision making. In this task, the participants were divided into two ‘gambles’, participants can choose any gambles to win or lose, and he/she can get the reward or punishment information respectively. The task also contains risk aversion and risk-seeking behavior. The result is that the participants will choose high probability winning gambles and large possibility. The interaction of these effects was altered by the individuals who drinks alcohol compared to those who receiving

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