How Does Learning Happen?

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Three quality indicators that I observed at The “ABC” Center were as the promotion of individual social/emotional development, adult-child ratio and responsive relationships between children and teachers. I observed the promotion of social and emotional development through teacher intervention. One child was having a temper tantrum in the classroom after outdoor time. The teacher got down on his level and spoke very calmly to him, just letting him cry for a bit and then started to work on getting him to express what was upsetting him. The teacher then reassured his emotions and feelings while offering possible solutions. The How Does Learning Happen? document highlights that educators “can help children learn strategies for becoming or staying …show more content…
The teachers appeared to be warm, welcoming, kind and genuinely interested in the children. How Does Learning Happen? (2014) expresses that teachers should “first and foremost, use warm, responsive and inclusive approach, building positive relationships with children” (p.19). Additionally, Cryer (1999) highlights research from The national Child Care Staffing Study that indicates “children were found to spend more time in purposeful play rather than aimless wandering when teachers were more responsive and had more intense interactions with children” (p.48). I observed responsive teaching when the teacher was playing with a child outside. When she was focused on playing with him, he was also focused on the play. When she had to attend to other teaching duties or other children he stopped playing and just watched others play. An equally significant aspect of responsive relationships that I observed was a teacher’s support for a child who was upset at drop off. She gave the child time to say goodbye to the parent and then gently took him from his parent, while she worked on calming him down through soothing conversation she took him to the fence to wave goodbye to his parent driving away. The teacher responded to the child and the child appeared to have a secure relationship with the teacher as he quickly recovered and went on to play. How Does learning Happen?(2014) argues that

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