How Does Illegal Immigration Affect The Economy

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Illegal immigration has hurt the United States in more ways than one. One of the biggest way Illegal immigration has hurt the United States, is by hurting its economy. However many supporters of illegal immigrants say that illegal immigrants pay taxes so the negative affect they have on the economy balances out. According to a study done by F.A.I.R. this claims isn’t true at all. The annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, and local level is about $113 billion dollars. Tax income by illegal immigrants is seven billion annually from Social security, 1,637,100,000 billion from Medicare Tax, 2,489,700,000 billion from Excise and Miscellaneous, 632,600,000 million from Employer, 1,378,000,000 billion from Property tax, and 2,333,000,000 billion from sales tax. Overall the taxes illegal immigrants pay to the government is a total of 13,411,800,000 billion dollars, not even close to the 113 billion tax payer dollars they waste. When illegal …show more content…
These things that are paid for by the tax payers are split into five categories, educational, medical, law enforcement, public assistance, and general expenditures. When illegal immigrants come over to the United States, many of these illegal immigrants have a very poor education or don’t have an education at all. So, in result the get special programs to help them educationally. These programs are Title I, Migrant Education, and Title III. Title III, from the English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act, is a Federal program that provides funding for programs to provide education to Limited English Proficient students. Stated in the English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic

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