How Does Doubt Affects The Characters And Audience Essay

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How Doubt Affects The Characters and Audience in Doubt: A Parable It is difficult to be certain about anything in this world. In the story "Doubt: A Parable" uncertainty is a predominant feeling whether it be each individual character or the audience. In our everyday lives we come across countless things that we are uncertain of. Doubt is a presence whether it be education, religion, politics, or even living to see another day. The only thing that we are truly certain of is that we are uncertain. Throughout the story "Doubt", uncertainty builds in each characters mind. Though the characters and audience could not prove guilt on any wrong being committed, the belief of its possibility alone was enough to question Father Flynn. Sister Aloysius is the principal of St. Nicolas Church School where she watches vigilantly over her students with an iron fist, thought she states her highest goal is to provide a safe and productive schooling environment for her students. " She believes in strict discipline and clear boundaries, in an authoritarian code of conduct between adults and children."(Stefanovici 214). Sister Aloysius experiences doubt throughout the story towards both Father Flynn and Sister James. Her belief is that Father Flynn had inappropriate contact with a new African American student named Donald Muller. She has no proof of this other than the fact that she was told Father Flynn and Donald had a talk alone in the rectory together and that when he returned to the…

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