How Does Creativity Affect Our Lives? Essay

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Creativity is often considered the amalgamation of all things that make us human. To some, it is the fundamental essence of living. However, many believe that schools today are killing that part of us. It’s something we have all heard, young or old, that education at it’s current state, wherever that may be, needs reform. Throughout countless reforms and changes, the United States has certainly incorporated creativity into schools, but they haven’t exactly done so successfully. At the two high schools I have been at, I have been at, I have seen the two prevailing attitudes towards creativity. It is a matter of application, do we apply creativity to all subjects, or do we limit it to the traditional “creative classes”. Schools by no means kill creativity, but, collectively, we are at an awkward state and left with a question: How do we apply creativity to lead children to successful lives?

We fall to the trap of associating creativity exclusively with artistry. Marge Piercy, author of “For the young who want to”, is a prime example, saying “a license… proving you may be a clumsy sadist whose fillings fall into the stew but you’re certified a dentist”. In this metonymy the license is tangible proof of success. But that also gives the license a sense of superficiality, as if to say that the science of dentistry is tedious. It is monotonous, they are, “ a clumsy sadist whose fillings fall into the stew”, these are all conjectures we carry throughout. These preconceived notions…

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