How Does Clothes Affect Your Mood

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The Fantastic Ways Fashion Can Boost Your Mood

Fashion lovers are passionate about clothing and often claim it’s more than just an outfit to wear. Clothes are a lifestyle – a way to show the world who you are all about. They can tell a story about who you are and even what you do. But can they also boost your mood?

Colours affect your mood

One of the clearest examples of clothing influencing your mood is through the colours you wear. Different coloured clothing has been shown to affect your mood and help you with things like confidence and decision-making.

What do different colours do to our mood? Here is how popular colours have been shown to influence your mood:

• Black – Provides you with security but can also enhance and breed sadness.
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If you feel lazy and you lack the motivation to go workout, you just need to put on the right gear and sure you’ll be up and running. In fact, just start by changing your clothes and see what happens. Add a pair of joggers on and tie those sneakers.

Overall, changing your clothing can influence your ability to get things done. If you need to do some work (without having to go to work), wear professional clothing. Change away the pyjama when you don’t have time to be lazy. Getting dressed will signal your body that you need to get things done and stop being lazy. If you haven’t been out for a while, dress up just to go out – you can change your mind but just putting on those outdoor clothes can make you take the step. This will help you feel better about yourself.

Style influences your brainpower

You can also boost your energy to get things done by wearing formal clothing. One study found that people who wore business-style clothing were more creative and they were able to make quicker decisions. The thinking is that a formal style will influence your own perception, giving you fresh ways of looking at things around

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