How Does Advanced Technology Influence Our Life and Community?

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Writing Assignment 2 – Technology How does advanced technology influence our life and community?In 21 century, technology and human areclosely linked.Concurrently,the advanced of technology confirm the truth of human civilization development from begins until now.Technology assist in our life,but with another hand the advanced of technology also impact on bad influence.
In reality, technology started development on during the Industrial Revolution.It is very interesting, the crucial change of education through technology have come in the past.In the twenties, during the emergance of portable radio receiver in the forties and then again later after the invention of television, sound and video recording.In the early eighties, witnessed
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According to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s 48th Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention research show that in year 2008, 60% of the teenagers spend on average 20 hours per week infront of television or computer screens and some other spend closer 40 hours per.7% of the teenagers are exposed to more than 50 hours of ‘on screen-time’ per week, this is means they spend a few time on education and study. Teenager spend most of their time in front computer to watch movie, gaming and make a new friends(stranger) they may not know each other by internet (msn, yahoo messenger, skype, facebook, friendster and more). [(ScienceDaily – Mar.14,2008),(07 Dec 2009)]
It can be dangerous because the internet makes it easy to create a new, false and fake identity. Stranger can be anybody, it can be the cause of the crime(rape, sexual harassment, delision).By the way, teenagers can find all information from internet for study and relax. But they are also have some of the website that are violent in nature.Unfortunately, not all information that teenagers publish on their ‘space’ profile set

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