Psychological Analysis Of The Children Within The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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Psychological Analysis Of The Children Within The Veldt Within Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt” the children, Wendy and Peter, are diagnosed with a psychopathic disorder in a household consumed in technology. They were consumed in technology because the happy life home they lived in did absolutely everything for them making it were the house provide their every need and want. This combination gave the short story a deadly ending resulting in the murder of their parents. Through a psychological analysis of the children reveals how they could hurt their parents with no remorse this is due to the desensitization of technology, the lack of human parenting, and a psychopathic disorder. Technology has a huge effect on modern society today and is constantly …show more content…
The children in the Veldt portrayed many of the signs of said disorder such as, enjoyment in hurting others, lack of empathy, ignoring rules, manipulation of others, and tantrums. The children used the act of manipulation “to use any guilt trip they can imagine to get the people around them to do what they want,” (Johnson, 7) and to convince their parents to keep the nursery on for one more day to set their trap. The children lured their parents into the nursery where hungry lions were waiting to attack as the children watched from their picnic set by the house. Without any remorse, Wendy asked “a cup of tea ?” (Bradbury 12). She sat there and watched her parents get mauled by lions and yet she is still able to drink her tea and stomach food. This demonstrates that her and her brother, Peter, had no empathy for their parents passing which is one of the biggest signs of a psychopathic disorder. Another big sign was that she encouraged and plotted their parent’s death so it would benefit the children and what they wanted regardless of what they had to …show more content…
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