How Do You Wear Your Seatbelt? Essay

1006 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
In the ad Embrace life the main purpose is to make sure you wear your seatbelt. It shows you that wearing your seat belt could save you from an unexpected crash, and if you care about your family and yourself than you need to wear it. In this video there are three people, a father, mother, and a daughter. It starts out with slow music and the father reaching out his hand to pretend to start his car. Then pretending to rev his engine like he is about to drive somewhere. Then it shows that they are in their front living room, the mother and daughter are smiling while looking at the father, and sitting on their couch. The father is in the middle of the room, sitting on a chair, giving the notion that he 's pretending to drive a car, he has a big smile on his face looking forward and both his hands are out pretending like he is holding onto a steering wheel. It shows the mom and daughter smiling at the dad and then goes back to the dad smiling and then he slowly starts to turn his head to his family. The camera gives a close up of the daughter smiling at her father, and then the camera turns back to the dad and slowly fast forwards his head to the front again to give it effect of something going to happen. After turning his head, he suddenly has a frightened look on his face and the camera slowly zooms in. The camera is on the daughter again and she now has a very worried look on her face. It shows the father again, he 's lowering his face and pretends to steer his car to the…

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