How Do You Think That Investigators And Therapists Essay

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How do you think that investigators and therapists, in their quest to find the truth, may have contributed to children making false or exaggerated allegations in these cases?
I think that the investigators and therapists, in their quest to find the truth, asked the young and very impressionable children questions that were leading. In someone who is highly impressionable such as children, it is possible to hear a story or parts of a story and believe that you were the person in the story. These children may not have been lying, but they may have actually believed the outrageous stories that they were telling. Even for those who are not highly impressionable, it is possible for false memories to occur in situation such as those that these children faced. According to Piaget’s constructivist view theory, children actively search for information, and when they receive new information, they try to make the information fit what they already know (Parke & Gauvain, 2009, p. 274). Also as someone who has spent quite a bit of time with young children, they may have just wanted to please the adults. What implications do these types of cases have for people who run child care centers?
These types of cases have disastrous results for people who run child care centers. According to History channel (2015), “The McMartin school was burned down in an arson attack and seven other local preschools closed down as people who worked with children began to fear that they would be the…

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