How Do Electric Cars Affect Air Environment? Essay

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Research question: how do electric cars affect air environment?
Barry Saxifrage, who consistently researches and writes about climate changes for the Vancover Observer and other publications, argues that generally electric cars cause less or equal climate pollution than gasoline cars. To support his claim, the author analyzes data from energy databases and industry websites on pollution released by producing the cars and batteries, burning gasoline, and generating the electricity as the vehicle’s fuel, drawing a chart to vividly compare the climate impacts of all electric, plug-in hybrid and all gasoline cars. According to the chart, the author concludes that in most regions such as Ontario and California where most of the electricity comes from wind, water, or other renewable resources, electric cars result in less pollution than the best all-gasoline cars do, whereas in some regions like Alberta where vehicles mainly use electricity derived from combusting coal or natural gas, electric cars create similar impacts on environment as conventional gasoline-based motors do. As Saxifrage mentions in the article, what motivates him to make such an argument are the fact that a rapidly increasing number of cars are fueled by electricity and the common confusion of whether gasolines cars contribute more to the climate damage than electric ones.
Concerned on vehicle pollution, The Economist advocates that an electric car might be more harmful to air quality and human health than a…

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