How Do Classes Start Too Early Essay

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Do classes start too early in the morning? Do you find yourself falling asleep during class? Well, teenagers and young adults all across the globe experience this same problem. Research shows that teenagers and young adults have a more difficult time getting up in the morning due to a combination of brain activity as well as priorities involving everyday life. Starting the school day later shows an improvement in grades, a reduction of abstinences and tardies, and a decrease in student car accidents. These changes can have a massive impact from one 's academic performance to their health and safety. Starting school later, in multiple studies have resulted in improvement of grades. Now in contrast, earlier start times have shown lower grades and poor performance. In 2009, the Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement stated that delaying school showed a steady academic improvement. Also, a study in 2011 at Israeli middle school showed that the students displayed an improvement in mathematics and alphabet tasks when classes were just delayed by an hour. In Wake County, North Carolina they performed a study which resulted in higher scores on standardized tests with a later starting time. They found that starting school later increased standardized test scores by 3.7 percentile in math and 2.8 percentile in reading (Edwards). The Toronto District School Board began experimenting by comparing attendance and tardiness…

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