It's Time For Students To Wake Up In High School

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Younger kids have always went to bed early and woke up early and had so much energy now as students grow up they learn to appreciate sleep and to not take it for granted. When students were younger school didn 't start until almost 9:00 in the morning and now high school starts almost two hours before. Starting school later would increase test scores, more kids would have homework done, and the teachers would be happier not waking up early too. Starting school so early in the morning causes kids to fall behind in school, not do good on test and students get sick. As students begin to grow up, they learn responsibilities such as extracurricular activities and jobs. It may be true many students are in school now starting at 7:20 am and are doing …show more content…
Students do not learn easily if the night before they had a doubleheader in baseball and study for a hard test the next day. Students wake up and instantly make a cup of coffee, or grab an energy drink. Many students depend on caffeine; having too much coffee isn 't great especially in adolescents. “Adolescents should really only consume about 100 mg of caffeine a day” (Mayo). Having too much coffee increase heart rate, causes sleep problems, nervousness, feeling jittery and more side effects says the Mayo Clinic website. Students should not have to depend on caffeine to stay awake in school and listen to what 's being learn by the teacher. If school started later in the mornings students would not have to rely on caffeinated drinks to stay engaged in the lesson. In Atlanta, schools have started school around nine in the morning. Studies show the school 's attendance has been good, test scores has risen, and students are not as tired, kids are not using substances as much as they did either, and a huge decrease in student car crashes (Richmond). Having school start later increased what many schools have issues with, students actually learning what is being taught in school is showed in test scores, and many other things. As the year goes on starting school later the learning ability for students will rise significantly because they will get the sleep they need and don 't need to depend on caffeine to get through a long

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