How Did You Do Preparing For The Performance? Essay

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A. Include notes from performance at the front of your piece (directors only).
B. How did you do preparing for the performance? Any issues or issues with group members? Differences of opinions? Resolutions?
We prepared for this performance by instructing our actor to memorize her lines to the best of her ability even though the character she portrayed spoke rather frequently because we really wanted her acting to be spot-on. In addition, we put a lot of emphasis on following stage directions and focused primarily upon perfecting her enunciation and inflection since Deputy Governor Danforth, the person she played, is quite a domineering man. One of the issues I feel we had was our actor misreading her lines and stuttering a little which we tried to solve by encouraging her to speak slower so she would not mess up as much. Also, I wanted my actor to speak in a English accent to make her performance more authentic considering Danforth was born in England and lived there for some time before immigrating to Massachusetts but she was unable to speak in such an accent and was reluctant to learn how to do so which I was kind of disappointed about.

C. How did you think the performance went? What went well? What didn’t? What should be done the next time around? Who were good performers? Who needed work? Why? Favorite parts? Do you think the performance captured the drama of the text? Why or why not. Actors, recall from memory. Directors, recall from notes.
Overall, I…

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