How Did Adolf Hitler And Men Kampf Essay

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The 1930 's and 1940 's was a dark period for Germany. Their economy, based on foreign captain, suddenly collapsed when loans were due and the world market for German exports dwindled. Hitler seized this opportunity and grew the Nazi party reaching one hundred thousand members. (Thesis:) Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat for the depression because the Jews were rich and prosperous and were
easy to blame, yet he targeted other racial groups such as Slavs and Blacks and carried out his promises to German by the use of concentration camps.
1. A. Adolf Hitler; WW1:
Adolf Hitler served as a Bavarian soldier in World War One for four years. Hitler earned two Iron Crosses of Bravery and also advanced to the rank of Lance Corporal during his four years of service. Narrowly escaping
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Hitler ended up only serving the first eight months of his five year sentence, but in those eight months he wrote the first volume of 'Mein Kampf '. 'Mein Kampf ', or 'My Struggle ', was a book filled with over glorifications of his life and difficulties while in the war, his life before the war, and his hatred of the Jews. 'Mein Kampf ' was later added on to in 1927, so it would include how to obtain political …show more content…
Hitler saw this party as a way to reach his political ends. The party gained popularity as it 's leader, Adolf Hitler, gave several inspiring speeches to the German public ( Hitler was gaining political fame, his hatred of the Jews being the main topic. His political party, the Nazis, were gaining popularity as well. During the 1920s, there was a terrible depression throughout all of Germany because of all the debt from World War One. This caused Hitler 's workers party to gain popularity as well. With a thriving party, Hitler was well on his way for

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