How Communication Skills Are Changing The Business World Essay

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The major I have chosen to pursue throughout college is accounting. Writing is used quite often in the business world and can range from anything such as business letters, emails, reports, to writing business analysis articles. I was reading online about how important writing is in accounting, and I came across an article from the website that talks all about how communication skills are changing in this industry. “Today, accounting is not just about journal entries, tax returns or calculations.” (Liu, 2012). Bosi Liu went on to talk about how it is more about communicating. Communication is not only a big part of the business world but is what business itself is becoming.
Communicating in business is just like cell phones in a teenagers life, impossible to go without it. “Communication skills are very important. If one can’t communicate information effectively, then the information never gets out there: It’s lost” (Liu, 2012). What 's being said here is that any thoughts or ideas that one has means nothing if they can’t relay the information to anyone else in the way they want or the way it is supposed to be. This can be important because if the information is never passed down then no one will ever be able to use it and it will be just as if it never existed.
According to psebuffalo, most accountants lose, or do not get a job due to a lack of communication skills. When interviewing for a job, companies will look for oral and written…

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