The Importance Of Writing Strategies

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2.1 What is writing? Writing helps learners to transfer their messages and express themselves, perform their assignments and develop their cognitive skills. Therefore learners need to learn to write well in order to compose reports, take exams, and communicate in their classrooms. According to Oz (2006), “Writing is the written expression of thoughts, desires, emotions, and schemes and this requires skills; rather than knowledge” (p.251). As writing skills of students develop, they begin to transfer their knowledge to the written expression more and more easily and go beyond what they have learnt (Raimes, 1983).
According to Dyson (1995), writing is not merely an individual activity but a process which requires social interaction. Rayers
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Some task may require extensive planning and organization before writing begins, but others may require more careful editing after they are finished. As learners often don’t consider the varieties of writing tasks, they view process -oriented instruction as a lockstep formula.
2.3 Writing Strategies Today many research investigate the significance of writing strategy. Strategies are tools that students can use to do tasks in classes or other learning situations. They are useful tools for learning and solving problems. A strategy is the way a person thinks and act when completing a task or studying for a test. A successful writer uses some strategies in his/her own writing. Learners, who use effective writing strategies, perform better in doing their assignment in the classroom. There are several groups of writing strategies. One of them is "paraphrasing strategy". By using this strategy students read a passage, find the main idea and details in the passage and write the information in their own words. The purpose of paraphrasing strategy is transforming the author's words into the students ‘words in order to increase their understanding of what is being read. (Schumaker,,

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