How College Can Help You Essay examples

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How many people currently choose to go to college? People ask themselves do I need college? People don’t realize that college will help them in the future, but in the long run it will. According to New York times fewer US graduates Opt for college after high school statistics show that 65.9% of people who just graduated high school the previous spring are enrolled that fall in college. College can help you in many ways. College helps you by seeking better job opportunities, getting more money, more than minimum wage, and it gives you the experience of seeing what college is like. As I researched why people should choose college it was interesting to see what college can help you do in life. College gives your ideas for your talents and strengths in life to know what needs work and what doesn’t. Hopefully throughout the rest of my research we find out why people should attempt college.
People in college attempt to become a better job than what they have now. College helps you find what your strengths and weakness are. There are many job opportunities these days around the world. College may seem difficult, but it does get easier once you understand the subject better. With a college experience, there are many jobs you can get. An example from 100 best jobs would be nurse, teacher and physician assistant. Furthermore, college students realize there is more to life than just a boring job that they never can handle. By going at least your trying to do better than others who…

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