Essay on How Can You Describe Your Ideal Job?

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How would you describe your ideal job? Your ideal work environment?
The emergency room is my ideal place, but it will be nice to have sufficient staff and more respectful patient. If not everything is dependent on patient satisfaction that I think that would be a better ideal environment.

What 's your most important professional achievement?
Right now the most important is my masters as a nurse practitioner. I’ve been nominated for the last couple of years’s called the Falling Star Award at my job you get nominated depending on my co workers. I’ve been nominated almost every year. The reason why I haven’t won though anymore is because I need to take a certification exam and i haven’t been able to take it.

What motivates you to be a nurse?
I guess you can say just making... I know you may sound a little cliche is making a difference. I know its not everyday, we do have critical cases that i would technically be involved in everyday, but when you can really save a life that is worth saving what I mean of worth saving is that the person will have a good outcome then it makes a big difference. Cause sometimes you save a life that the outcome is very bad so it 's nice when you have a person that you save their life and you know that they can continue to live a normal life. I think that is the best.

How do you set priorities in your work?
Prioriteies will always be set in probably every nursing aspect. there will always be patient safety first no matter where you are…

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