Integrated Community Hospital Case Study

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A Proposed Integrated Community Hospital: Redevelopment of San Marcelino District Hospital in Zambales
Reshaping Provincial Hospitals and its Caring-Curing Effect through Therapeutic and Adaptive Environment


Background of the Study/Overview

Hospitals are very significant establishments for economic and social well-being of the Philippine society. Their medical and therapeutical functions enable to restore persons to being a productive unit of the society and for those individuals to appreciate the benefits that can be acquire. Therefore, achieving the success of hospitals in their mission is important and this is highly dependent on the hospitals servicing capability.

The Philippine health care system through the years
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With this regard, the present hospital is old and need for a redevelopment to prove its important purpose, probably to enact the agreement and develop a new upgraded hospital that will cater all local communities nearby.

The proponent aims to answer the following questions:

1. What certain problems are currently existing and experiencing in the Hospital?
2. What solutions can be useful to address the problems of the Hospital?
3. What are the factors could affect the capability and capacity of the Hospital?
4. What are the usual activities in the hospital?
5. What type of environment and facilities that could maximize the healing potential of the Hospital?
6. How can the hospital be changed to attract and further cater more people giving a new experience of services?
7. What other facilities could be added to help the Hospital being at its best?
8. What are the demands of their Hospital that can be supported through architectural solutions?
9. What will make it different from other community health facility in the country and from others?

Goals, Objectives and Strategies


The goal is to redevelop the present San Marcelino District Hospital that will cater all other local community nearby.
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Furthermore, it can help attract, maintain business and growth in the health care industry, encourages and retain retirees and create new opportunities in the local area.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The San Marcelino District Hospital will be the focus of the study. Limited to the responsibility of San Marcelino District Hospital to San Marcelino municipality, including other community and neighboring municipalities, the effect of the community hospital in the health and economy of San Marcelino.

The study will propose a project to be a redevelopment of the San Marcelino District Hospital with a bigger and wider integrated community hospital that will serve as a best source of assistance regarding health issues that promotes self-satisfaction to the whole community. To develop and achieve this proposed project, it would include related environmental concepts and new activities that could bring possibility of the new hospital care experience.

The study will also cover particular solutions that is relevant to the hospital that handle the factors that could stimulate the whole facility of San Marcelino District Hospital given that it’s not only for the municipality but also in the province of Zambales.

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