How Can Lifestyle Changes Affect Chronic Disease Management? Essay

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How can lifestyle changes affect chronic disease management? What are some factors that play into the fact that it is easier for some women to make lifestyle changes than others?
“Lifestyle changes are often the first step in preventing the development of chronic conditions or in slowing their progression” (Alexander). The main key components to help with a healthy lifestyle are a healthy diet, regular exercise and avoidance of harmful substances, like smoking. Another big aspect is knowledge. First with knowing your body and changes it might endure will help catch a disease or slow down the process. Also, learning about different types of chronic diseases will assist in the prevention or progression of a disease. Going to your doctor on a regular basis will help, as well, because a doctor can help diagnosis and treat anything that happens. There are many different lifestyle changes that will affect chronic disease management between different diseases. A few that are listed in our Alexander book include osteoporosis, arthritis and diabetes. Lifestyle change with osteoporosis would be eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine, practice fall preventions and take medication to promote bone density. Some lifestyle changes for arthritis are exercising and eating a healthy diet, getting vitamin C, keeping track of weight and avoid alcohol. In addition, some things to help manage diabetes are eating healthy and exercising, getting…

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