Essay on How Can Learning Strategies Help Struggling Students?

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How can learning strategies help struggling students

I think my topic is important because society should care about the future.Not only is my topic very effective for our youth but however it is also effective for our elders, these different learning strategies could really help them out with the struggle of them helping their children or even grandchildren trying to help them with their homework or at home projects.However coming up with different strategies could also be a big help for the students trying to actually learn in school but somehow are distracted or just don’t understand the material the teacher is providing. But all these problems can be solved with teachers helping more often and parents or grandparents more involved with the students learning process.Sometimes it does take an army to help a child, but by any means necessary in all possible ways.To help struggling students teachers and parents should use strategies such as reading with your children 's,having high expectations for your students,and reviewing the material before moving on to help the students learn.
What different learning strategies can help the struggling students learn better. Well one of the many different learning strategies are having the students tape themselves reviewing classwork material and listen to it together (‘’Lawrence Hall of Science’’).This way the teachers and also students can literally see their mistakes and can correct their mistakes all at the same time.I think this…

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