How Businesses Within The Tourism And Leisure Industry Should Use Social Media

997 Words Oct 27th, 2016 4 Pages
In todays society it is evident that social media is having a massive impact on how businesses promote themselves and just as new technologies are being developed, “Advances in the internet and social media are changing the many ways that information about leisure travel and its experiences are disseminated” (Munar, A. & Steen Jacobsen, J. 2014, p.46). This essay will discuss how businesses within the tourism and leisure industry should use social media as part of their business strategies to positively impact their marketing and attraction of tourists.
“Organisations have now been applying technologies based on the internet, world wide web and wireless communications to transform their businesses for over 20 years since the creation of the first website” (Chaffey, D. 2015, p.4). “With the dramatic change in the media landscape in recent years, firms have embraced social media as a means to engage with their customers” (Kumar et al. 2016, p.7). It is highly imperative that businesses monitor any new and emerging trends so that they can identify how they may impact their marketing strategies and it is important that they have a business strategy in place that will successfully use social media as a promotional tool (Cowhey et al., 2016). Online social networks (OSNs) such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, wikis, blogs, podcasts and vlogs have not only increased in number over the last 10 years, but the use of them has become a daily routine for millions of people all around the…

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