Masculinity In The Workplace

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1. A) How will this affect your job? If I was a an I would probably get more respect because it seems that in the working profession, people tend to respect men more than women. Although, that is not always true, but most of the time it is. For example in the book feminist theorist Dorothy Smith has argued that society vales masculinity more highly than femininity.

B) How will this affect your daily functioning? If i was a man, it would probably make my daily functioning alot simpler. Such as, I could get dressed in about half the time it takes me being a woman. Also, I think my personality and the way i feel about things would be very different. Usually men process emotions differently and respond to their feelings in a way that women do
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When it comes to relationships men and women approach things very differently. If I was a man i would not be as sensitive to certain things. Also, I would not think to much into situations or wear my feelings on my shoulders. For example, the book states men have instrumental character traits, where as women have expressive character traits. Some instrumental character traits are: strength, confidence, self-reliance, and ambition to accomplish tasks and goals. However, some expressive character traits are: warmth, sensitivity, ability to express tender feelings, and placing concern about others before self-interest.

2. What are the advantages of being a man? Why?

1.One advantage is that a man 's morning routine is usually quicker than a woman 's. Why? Because men get up take a shower, bush their teeth and hair and put clothes on then their done. Most Women have to take a shower, bush their teeth, put make-up on and fix their hair and put clothes on.

2. Another advantage would be most of the time men do not have to clean house, usually the woman does.

3. Lastly, men usually can get a job before a woman can. Also, most of the time men are respected more than woman in the working
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One advantage a woman has is that we get to wear make-up. So therefore, If our face has a break out, we can cover it up, where as men can not.

2. Another advantage women have is they do not have to worry about going bold in old age, like most men do.

3. Lastly, another advantage women have, is that it is said we tend to have a longer average life span. Because women are less susceptible to certain health problems, such as a heart disease.

5. What are the disadvantages of being a woman? Why?

1. A disadvantage most women have that men do not is being so self conscience. Women worry about what people think about them and how they look. Men do not care about all of that as much as women do.

2. Another disadvantage women have is giving child birth. Having children is a blessing, but women have to go through pain that men do not have to go through.

3. Lastly, another disadvantage that women have is that most of the time men have a higher salary then women do.

6. If you could adopt one trait of the opposite gender, what would it

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