How Are Geriatric Clients Not Served For Your Community? Essay

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1. How are geriatric clients not served in your community? Explore the resources available and explain what is needed based on population. 50 points

My community geriatric clients get the services that are provided to the whole county. While the county provides a variety of services for elders (e.g. case management services: home delivered meals, housekeeping, shopping and laundry service, personal care, visiting nurse, home health aid, and workshops for caregivers), I did not see any workshops for elders to interact with each other. The county provides services for the physical needs of geriatric clients, but does not provide for their psychological needs. I believe that it is possible to organize workshops of different activities for elders in the same place where the county has the workshops for caregivers. Having a place where the geriatric clients of Douglas can interact and receive group therapy would be great for them. According to Corey, Corey, and Corey, (2010), “the interpersonal nature of groups can be therapeutic for older persons, especially those who are isolated and lonely”
(p. 388).
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2. Take what is known about the final stage of group. How can you apply this to a group you have…

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