How Amazon Is A Company Essay examples

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1. In what ways does Amazon, as a company, evidence the willingness and ability to collaborate?
A. Collaboration is the activity of two or more people working together to achieve a given task. The main aspect of collaboration is to give and receive critical feedback. Amazon collaborates with other companies so that they can expand and become more involved in all the features of online retailing.

2. In what ways does Amazon, as a company, evidence the willingness and ability to experiment?
A. Ability to experiment is making a reasoned analysis of an opportunity and developing the most promising ones, and being consistent with the resources you have. It shows the willingness and ability to experiment, as Amazon introduced many new products like 1-click shopping, kindle and launched many web service programs.

3. In what ways do you think the employees at Amazon must be able to perform systems and abstract thinking?
A. Abstract reasoning is the ability to make and manipulate models. Systems thinking are the ability to model the components of system in order to connect the inputs and outputs among those components that reflects the structure. These both are possible by the employees as day by day they are making new and easy ways of online shopping by creating new models and components.

4. Describe, at a high level, the principal roles played by each of the five components of an information system that supports order fulfillment.
A. The five components of information system…

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