How A Teacher Can Build A Positive Relationship With Students

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1. Here are three examples of ways a teacher can build a positive relationship with students:
a. Making clear relationship between student and teacher is one of respect. This important so the student knows that you are their mentor and you are on their team. You want them to be successful and see it through that they are successful. Always be the student’s personal cheerleader!
b. Knowing about the student’s home life is important when building a relationship with the student. By knowing about the student’s family and how the student is treated at home can help you gage how/what a student will do in your classroom. Also, you might be able to predict what altercations you can make in order for that student to reach his/her full potential while learning from you. For example, if the student needs extra love from you at school because he doesn’t get enough at home. By creating the relationship, you will be able to love on that child and help him feel valued.
c. Lastly, knowing the student’s intellectual needs. All kids do not learn at the same rate. Therefore, knowing how quickly a student picks things up will create a positive relationship because you will be able to keep the student accountable and give his extra attention when he needs it. By doing that you can figure out what learning strategies will helps them thrive in the classroom.
2. I decided less than a month into school that I was not meant to be a teacher. I love kids dearly and I love that I would get the…

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