Hospital 's Billboard : A Negative Impact On Briarwood Medical Center

1028 Words Oct 21st, 2015 null Page
Crestview Hospital 's billboard will have a negative impact on Briarwood Medical Center. The most important issue here is that the billboard is directly across from Briarwood Medical Center. Having a huge sign posted so close to their competitor, Briarwood Medical Center, will have patients wondering if they should, perhaps give Crestview Hospital services a try, especially when it provides basically the same types of services and it is has a billboard that is appealing to the community. It would be hard for the community stakeholders not give some thought to Crestview Hospital with the billboard being posted in the neighborhood right next to their competitor. Crestview Hospital want people to make positive remarks about their services and the billboard will get them some new inquiries and perhaps new patients. It is an advantage for Crestview Hospital if word-of mouth will drive them new consumers.
This new billboard can lead to Briarwood Medical Center experiencing a decrease in patient services, as well as issues with retaining consumers, especially consumers who lack health care literacy or who may become misled by direct-to-consumer marketing or advertisements (Clark, p 2). Briarwood Medical Center stakeholders must realize that the war is not over. They need to focus on their patients and other consumers that do business with them. Realizing that Word-of-mouth can lead to acquiring new customers and it can also establish positive feelings from past and future patient…

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